You will lie, clothed, on a massage table while your reflexologist works one foot at a time. Your reflexologist need only access your feet, lower legs, face and head (and hands/forearms, for extended sessions). Please wear comfortable clothing that allows access to your feet and lower legs, e.g., loose pants that can be rolled up.

 Room lighting, music and temperature can be adjusted to suit your comfort. Blankets will be provided if you get chilly. Your practitioner will check in with you periodically during your session to adjust reflexology pressure, if necessary.

 Please arrive hydrated and ready to experience the bliss of reflexology. Ideally, please allow a few minutes to a couple of hours after your session to rest and fully integrate your reflexology experience. Be sure to drink plenty of water after your session; it will help flush out minerals released during your treatment, rehydrate your tissues and reduce potential soreness.